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Q & A with Katherine Weaver (part 1)

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I had the privilege of interviewing Katherine Weaver, the author of seeing God in the simple things early in 2013 and here is the first part of that interview. 

Lisa: Where are you from originally?

Katherine: I grew up in the (Williamette) valley, in Dallas, and then my family moved to Culver when I was 13. I went to high school there, got married, went to Central Oregon Community College, moved to Portland for 10 years, moved back to Madras in 2005. I call Central Oregon home. I love the climate and the ability to kayak! It’s something my mom and I do together a lot in the summer.

Lisa: What is your spiritual background? Were you raised in church?

Katherine: I would say I was raised in a Christian home, but not one that attended church religiously. I remember going, but I don’t know that it was every week. God was always understood though, He was part of our lives. Dad wasn’t able to go with us to church; he worked 7 days a week most of the time. He sacrificed so much for us to grow up in such a fantastic place. But you never realize that as a child. Then, when you become an adult, you look back and see what your parents went through. It’s humbling to see now how much they sacrificed for us.

Lisa: Is this (seeing God in the simple things) your first book? How long did it take you to write it?

Katherine: Yes. Well, I didn’t know I was writing a book at first, I’ve always written journals and stories. But when my life hit the fan in 07, I started writing things down. My 15 year marriage ended, among other crises, and writing was my way of reminding myself that God was still close by. He was holding my hand in the hurricane and I would not be blown away. It was more comforting to me at first. Then as I compiled more of them, I started sharing them with family and friends. After a year or so, they told me I should put them together in a book. After about 3 years, I felt I was ready to seek a publisher. I didn’t know how to do that, but a friend of mine had just published a book with Tate Publishing. I sent them six of the chapters and said “God, it’s in your hands, I’m not going to worry, or check back, I’m letting it go.”

Six weeks almost to the day, which they said was their window, I got a phone call. She said, “I’m with Tate publishing and we have received your submission and we are hoping you have more than six chapters.”

I said, “Yes, I have 75 more!” and that was that. It took about a year to get through the publishing process, everything takes forever. But it’s done and published and was quite an experience.

Lisa: But it sounds like you have had some life experiences that a lot of people can relate to, unfortunately.

Katherine: Yes, and when you read the book, you will see that come through. Each of the stories point back to God, He is present, it is never a downer. We were not created to be victims. It is interesting to see how He uses the things we go through. When we are going through the whirlpool we say, “This has to stop, NOW!” But then you get to the other side and look back; “I can do this now, because I went through that.”

Part 2 of this interview will be posted in the next blog. Stay tuned!

Katherine Weaver’s book, seeing God in the simple things is available for purchase online from Tate Publishing:


Please visit Katherine’s website at booksbykatherine.com.

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