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Q & A with Katherine Weaver (part 2)

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I had the privilege of interviewing Katherine Weaver, the author of seeing God in the simple things early in 2013 and here is the second half of that interview.

Lisa: Are the people in your church receptive to you since your divorce?

Katherine: That was difficult because we were attending the church where I worked. I’m not one to talk about the trouble we were having in our relationship, but unfortunately, I was alone in that. Everyone was devastated when we split and he didn’t tell them the whole story, only that I was the unrelenting b**** who kicked him out. The environment became so stressful, that I stopped attending that church even though I did keep my job. I was getting lectured by people who weren’t there. No, it was not fun.

Lisa: But that kind of made you who you are now?

Katherine: It has given me more strength.

My pastor was saying, “If you look at King David, he had quite a journey in his life. If you look at the different points in his life and say, ‘That time he spent playing music for sheep in the meadow was wasted time. And the time he was in the wilderness when King Saul was trying to kill him, and all he did was run for his life that was wasted time.’ All he was trying to do was get to his rightful place as king, no. In the wilderness, David learned to follow authority even when it’s wrong and he learned how not to be king. He learned lessons in the wilderness that were not just another stepping stone, those were important lessons.”

The last 5-6 years in my life have been my wilderness. I have been doing some treasure hunting to find what I learned in the wilderness. I have learned some important things, but it was not fun.

Lisa: Did that experience help you find out where God is?

Katherine: I found out who God is. That is so important, when you watch him take us through something like that, we learn who He is and we lean more on Him. He becomes real.

Lisa: Will you be writing more books?

Katherine: Yes, I have more essays that are ready for the 2nd book, but that is in the background. I am developing retreat curriculum that is an expanded version of one of my speeches. It’s called Lizards and Dragons. It’s about how the issues in our lives (like anger, resentment and fear) can start out as little lizards, but if we don’t deal with them, they turn into dragons. The second book is coming along, but Lizards and Dragons is where I am living at the moment.

Katherine Weaver’s book, seeing God in the simple things is available for purchase online from Tate Publishing:

Please visit Katherine’s website at booksbykatherine.com.

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