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God Fights Our Battles

Commander of Gods Army

By Lisa Nordell-Detres

I am reading through the Bible in chronological order this year and today, the Children of Israel had finally crossed over into Canaan, the Promised Land after wandering in the desert for 40 years. The older generation who had come out of slavery from Egypt just couldn’t get the concept of following God without complaining and were not allowed into what would become Israel, not even Moses. Joshua, Caleb and the younger generation were preparing to take over Jericho, the first fortified city in the path of the millions of God’s people.

God had promised His people that if they trusted Him and obeyed His commandments, He would go before them and drive out the people who lived in the land of Canaan. In Joshua 5:13-15, Moses successor, Joshua, was preparing his army to attack Jericho the next day and was out surveying the city. He looked up and saw a Man with sword drawn. Joshua asked Him whose side He was on and He said that He was the Commander of God’s army. Joshua fell on his face and worshiped the pre-incarnate Christ. During the following week, Joshua led his army in obedience to God’s instruction to the first of many miraculous victories in favor of Israel.

I get chills thinking about how the forces of God’s army, led by our Savior, Jesus Christ, are  fighting our battles every day. All we need to do is to trust God to take care of us and to follow His instructions in the Bible. We are reminded of God’s power in our lives in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” This is a mantra that we can carry with us every single day. There is no need to live in fear, to be in fight mode, or to worry about the future when we belong to the Commander of God’s army!

What are you waiting for? Go claim your victory over your battles in God’s name!

Lisa Nordell-Detres is a mother of four, grandma to two boys, a pastor’s wife and has worked in the garment and customer service industries in southern California. Besides writing, Lisa enjoys cooking, sewing, organic gardening, hiking, skiing and doing most anything outside.

Lisa was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Design from Woodbury University and an MBA from California State University at Northridge. Lisa, her husband and their youngest child now live in central Oregon.

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