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In the Beginning

…God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1, the first verse of the Bible, answers one of the basic questions of human existence, “Where did we come from?” Of course, many people choose not to believe this. They have the right not to believe, which will be explained in the “God is Love” blog. The curious thing about believing that God created the universe and every good thing in it is that in this post-Christian era, we who have faith in the loving creator God are sometimes viewed by evolutionists as simple, unintelligent and unenlightened.

What the debate over origin really boils down to is whether one wants to have faith in a gaseous ball of dust that exploded mysteriously billions of years ago, creating a chain of events that eventually led to your existence; or faith in a loving, all-powerful creator God. To avoid an ontological debate over our existence in this and all the articles to come, feel free to substitute “gaseous ball of dust” any time God is mentioned. The truth here is that the origins of the universe cannot be duplicated scientifically, so faith is required to believe in any source of our existence.

I have chosen to believe in an intelligent, loving creator God who spoke the universe into existence. That is one powerful being. What is really cool to consider is that since His words actually create reality, His promises were also created to take shape at some time in the future. God has made many promises, some which have come to pass throughout the ages and some which have yet to materialize. Because of the creative power of His words, we can trust that what He says in His Word, the Bible, is also true.

To start learning about God and His words of promise, I encourage you to read the Bible, preferably in chronological order. There are several web sites that provide a daily Bible reading schedule in chronological order. Happy reading!

“In a Relationship”

Many of the social networking sites like Face Book have a “relationship status” option in the personal profile section. If you select “In a Relationship,” you are telling the world that you have “taken yourself off the market.”  What does it look like when you are “in a relationship?” Do you make it a point to spend every waking minute with that special person or do you ignore him/her from one week to the next? Do you seek to learn as much about your special person? Do you long to get to know everything about him/her as you can, and share everything about yourself or are you afraid of getting too close? Do your thoughts gravitate towards that person or do you only think of him/her when you are in trouble?

God created us to have a personal relationship with Him. Since He already knows us intimately, it is our job to learn about Him, to know him intimately. Fortunately, He has given us His Word, the Holy Bible, which explains His attributes, His heart, His will and His plan for us in a way that we can relate to Him (with His help). God loves us deeply, but will never force Himself on us. He wants us to open up and get to know Him.

If you would like to get to know God better and deepen your relationship with Him, follow me as I follow Christ!

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